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TRAX PRO is the best bicycle towing tug on the market. The best choice for towing one bike with another in any situation, designed for use with both electric bikes and normal bikes and for towing both adults and children!

The most comfortable, efficient and practical system for towing a bicycle with another bicycle, both for e-bikes and normal bicycles, for adults and children!

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TRAX PRO is a device designed to tow a bicycle on another bicycle..

The traction is made by a high density polyethylene cable coated with polyester and a mechanical system that automatically collects it and at the same time prevents the possibility of it becoming entangled in the wheels when it loses tension.

The TRAX PRO is the evolution of its predecessor TRAX MTB. It is designed for cycling trips with children, family or friends, regardless of the difference in fitness level. It can be used with children as well as adults and even electric bikes. The maximum towing weight is 130kg.


The TRAX PRO is designed to be installed on various parts of the bike without the use of any tools, by means of a textile strap system with a buckle. It can be installed:

On the front bike: on the seat stem or on the saddle.
On the rear bike: on the stem, on the handlebars or on the side of the frame.


TRAX PRO is the second version of TRAX MTB. An evolution achieved thanks to the feedback from customers who have placed their trust in us and have told us about their experiences. TRAX offers you endless possibilities that you would never have thought of before with your bike and your loved ones.

The simplicity of the TRAX PRO system results in a weight of only 130g. This weight makes it unnoticeable when riding the bike, or allows you to carry it in your backpack or jersey in case of an emergency.


  • Device weight: 130 g
  • Cable length: 2.2 m
  • Maximum towing weight: 130 kg – 265 pounds
  • Suitable for electric bikes: Yes
  • Fastening system: Textile strap with buckle
  • Suitable for all bicycles Dimensions: 65cm x 65cm x 45cm
  • Recommended maximum speed: 10 km/h – 6 mph

Additional information

Weight 0,13 kg
Dimensions 8 × 10 × 5 cm

Technical features

  • Device weight: 130g
  • Cable length: 2,2m
  • Maximum weight to tow: 120kg – 265lb
  • Suitable for ebikes: Yes
  • Fastening system: textile strap with buckle
  • Suitable fon any bike Measures: 65cm x 65cm x 45cm
  • Maximum speed recommended: 10km/h – 6mph


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