What is the price of TRAX products?

TRAX currently has 3 devices for towing bicycles. Their prices are as follows:

TRAX PRO: 49,95€.
TRAX FLEX: 29,95€.
TRAX MTB: 39,95€.

Prices for other products and spare parts can be found in the “shop” section of this website.

Do you ship TRAX products anywhere in the world?

Yes, we deliver our products all over the world.

When will I get my TRAX?

You will receive your TRAX in 3-5 days for shipments to the EU, and 8-12 days for worlwide shipments (10€). If you want to get it faster, you can select the “Express” option. You will get it in 2-3 days (with an additional cost of 10€) if you’re in the EU or in 3-5 (plus 20€) in the other countries.

Does TRAX have a warranty?

Yes, every products have 2 years warranty.

Can I tow my bike if it doesn't have screws in the stem?

Yes, simply wrap a thick cable tie on the stem of the bike you want to tow to hook it up to the TRAX MTB cable.

Can I use TRAX products on kids bikes (20”/24”)?

Absolutely, as long as it’s placed correctly.

Can it be installed on the seat rails?

TRAX PRO can be attached to any part of the bike. It is the most versatile. TRAX FLEX and TRAX MTB have a specific attachment system for the seat post and saddle respectively.

Can it be installed on telescopic seatposts?

Yes, as long as it is placed on the fixed part of the seat post, as low as possible.

Can it be used with carbon seatposts?

In that case, we can’t completely guarantee that TRAX will not cause damage to the towing bike. However, if the seat post is attached correctly into the frame and TRAX is placed as low as possible, it’s unlikely it will cause damage to the frame.

Does it fit a 34.9 mm seatpost?

TRAX PRO and TRAX FLEX can be used with all bikes.
TRAX MTB is designed for seat posts up to 31.6mm.

How much weight can TRAX products tow?

The maximum towing weights are as follows:

TRAX PRO: 120kg
TRAX FLEX: 200kg
TRAX MTB: 90kg

Can TRAX products be used with an e-bike?

Yes! TRAX PRO and TRAX FLEX are products specifically designed for electric and normal bicycles. TRAX MTB has a more compact and lighter design and can be used with e-bikes on sporadic occasions and with caution.

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