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TRAX MTB is a device designed to be assembled at the seat post of any bike allowing it to tow another one. The traction is made by a Kevlar wire and a mechanical system designed to pick it up back and to avoid any possibility to become tangled to the wheel.


TRAX MTB can be installed in less than 1 minute to any bicycle with no tools. The device is designed to be attached to the seat post through 3 standard nylon flanges.


A simple knot at the end of the kevlar cable, allows a quick hooking and unhooking on all standard handlebar/stem of any bicycle. Less than 5 seconds without having to stop the way.


The simplicity of the TRAX system results in a weight of only 95g.This weight makes it imperceptible when it’s installed on the bike. It also permits carrying it in the bag or in the bike jersey without notice.

The most comfortable, efficient and practical system to join 2 normal bicycles into a tandem

Technical features

  • Weight of the device: 95g
  • Sizes of the seat post: From 27.2 to 31.6mm
  • Type of closure: Adaptable closure with a nylon flange
  • Sizes: 60x50x50mm
  • Cable material: Kevlar KV1500
  • Cable length: 1.90m
  • Maximum weight per towed cyclist: 90kg / 200lbs
  • Maximum recommended speed: 10km/h / 6mph

Comparative table

50g Product weight 130g
29,95€ Price 49,95€
2,5m Distance between bicycles 2,2m
10km/h Maximum recommended speed of use 10km/h
200kg Maximum towable weight 120kg
Yes Suitable for e-bikes Yes
30” Installation time 30”
No Non-stop hooking Yes
Yes Recommended for sporadic use while on the route Yes
No Recommended for regular use on the route Yes

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